Active Directory Database Process

Active Directory Database Process

August 22, 2021 Active Directory 0

NTDS.DIT is the AD database and store all AD objects, Default location is the %system root%\ntds\ntds.dit, Active Directory database engine is the extensible storage engine which us based on the Jet database.

All AD changes didn’t write directly to NTDS.DIT database file, first write to EDB.Log and from log file to database, EDB.Che used to track the database update from log file, to know what changes are copied to database file.

EDB.Log is the transaction log file when EDB.Log is full, it is renamed to EDB Num.log where num is the increasing number starting from 1, like EDB1.Log

EDB.Che is the checkpoint file used to trace the data not yet written to database file this indicate the starting point from which data is to be recovered from the log file in case if failure

Res1.log and Res2.log:  Res is reserved transaction log file which provide the transaction log file enough time to shut down if the disk didn’t have enough space

AD Partitions is how and where the AD information logically stored.

Schema Partition – It store details about objects and attributes. Replicates to all domain controllers in the Forest

  • DN location is CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=Domainname, DC=com

Configuration Partition – It store details about the AD configuration information like, Site, Site-Link, Subnet and Other Replication Topology Information. Replicates to all domain controllers in the Forest

  • DN Location is CN=Configuration,DC=Domainname,DC=com

Domain Partitions – Object Information for a Domain like User, Computer, Group, Printer and Other Domain specific information. Replicates to all domain controllers within a domain. Contains all domain controllers information

  • DN Location is DC=Domainname,DC=com

Application Partitions is DNS

Physical – Domain Controllers, Date Stores, Global Catalog Server, RODC
Logical – Partition, Schema, Domain, Forest, Sites, OU’s, Containers
Partition – Application (DNS), Configuration (Exchange)

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