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Avoid enabling Kerberos Pre-Authentication in AD

Kerberos Pre-Authentication The Key Distribution Center (KDC) is available as part of the domain controller and performs two key functions which are: Authentication Service (AS) and┬áTicket-Granting Service (TGS) By default the KDC requires all accounts to use pre-authentication. This is a security feature which offers protection against password-guessing attacks.┬áThe AS request identifies the client to…
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LLMNR and NBT-NS Attack

LLMNR (Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution) is a protocol that is based upon the Domain Name System (DNS). It is often used by network-connected systems to identify hosts on the local-subnet when DNS fails, is not present or where peer-to-peer name-resolutions services are required. NBT-NS (NetBIOS Name Service) is a protocol to LLMNR and operates similarly…
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